4 Frequent Mistakes Done When Insomnia

When unable to sleep, it must be difficult to know what should be done at an early time of day and how to fix it. Viewing hours continuously and sit in bright light should not be done.

There are some mistakes you usually do and how to fix it. Here are 4 mistakes when insomnia.

  1. Looking at the clock continuously

Avoid looking at the clock while experiencing insomnia to put hours in a hidden place. Continually look at it will just make you think “better not sleep all”.

  1. Silence in bed more than 15 minutes

If you have trouble sleeping, you should leave your bedroom and do something relaxing like reading a book or watching a boring television show on a comfortable couch. It is important to remind your brain that the bed is a place to sleep rather than to stay awake all night.

  1. Sitting under a bright light

Sitting under the bright light during waking would disrupt production of the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep in your brain. If you’d like to read, reading lamp should turn on or turn on television alone and let only the light from the television that enlightens you.

  1. Doing the heavy

You think that by reading political books or smoothed data in the computer will cause drowsiness. You are wrong, it will only make your mind to keep working and alert. Should do something that makes the brain a rest but was able to spend time, such as knitting, reading a book or watching a light-themed television shows are boring.

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