9 Ways to Reduce Fat in Stomach

Not confident with stomach looks bloated because of excess fat? Do not worry, because there are always ways to overcome them. One of them did not skip breakfast. But not only that, you need eight more ways to get a flat stomach and beautiful.

If done regularly, not just the fat in the abdomen are reduced, but also more beautiful body shape and ideal. Here are 9 ways to reduce fat in stomach, as quoted from Allwomenstalk.

  1. Never Skip Breakfast

If you do not eat for hours after waking in the morning, your body will feel very hungry. Starting the day with an empty stomach will slow your metabolism, thus burning calories became slower. Someone should meet at least 25% of daily energy needs. Nutritionists believe that breakfast be one solution to get a slim body. So, take breakfast that contains carbohydrates and protein, like chicken porridge, bread with butter or grits with eggs.

  1. Control Food Intake

Expand the consumption of foods ‘fat burning’ like brown rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, skim milk, egg whites and fish. Avoid high-calorie foods, including pizza, burgers, fries, bread, fatty meats and products that contain lots of sugar.

  1. Eating with Slowly

Stomach will be more receptive to food that is digested in the mouth as well. The habit of chewing the food slowly, less likely to ‘hoard’ excess weight. The brain receives a signal that the stomach is full, 20 minutes after we started eating. Therefore by chewing longer (approximately 30 cud), will prevent you from eating extra food and does not add calories.

  1. Do Exercise Effective and Efficient

Cardiovascular exercise, or sports spur heart rate, respiration and blood vessels is one effective way if you want to burn calories and reduce excess fat from the body. Running, aerobics, cycling and swimming are some examples of cardiovascular exercise you can do.

  1. Drink Lots of Water

Benefits of water for the body are no doubt. Not only useful help function of the brain, kidneys, liver and speed up metabolism. Drink enough water before meals can help lose weight because it can suppress appetite.

  1. Good Sleep Quality

Sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day will make it difficult to collect the body’s energy to move, also digested food. Numerous studies showed that people who have tried every day, metobilsme body will decrease. Metabolism is the process of converting food nutrients and calories into energy the body needs to perform the activity. Lower metabolism, meaning the body’s ability to burn fewer calories as well. So make sure you are sufficient and good quality sleep.

  1. Walking to the Office

If you are driving, park farther from the entrance to your office. Likewise, if you are taking public transportation, stop at a place some distance away. Walking also includes sports activities. Perform this activity on a regular basis as a replacement for your sport.

  1. Reduce Salt Consumption

Excessive salt intake causes the body to retain water. This could make the area look distended stomach. Therefore, avoid or reduce foods that contain lots of salt, one fast food. Get used to serve food without using salt. You can replace it with a variety of herbs (spices) to enrich the flavor cuisine. Select is also a food that ‘neutral’, such as skinless chicken, skim milk, fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1. Avoid Stress

When experiencing stress, people tend to choose sweet foods or making comfortable feeling like candy, cookies or chocolate cake. That’s way stress can release hormones that can alter the body’s metabolic system, one of cortisol. This hormone can increase appetite and encourage the desire to eat sweet and fatty foods. So, as much as possible as soon overcome when the stress began to whack. How can the sport, aromatherapy or meditation?

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